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664 MH370: CIA withholding Intelligence Data - Dr. Mahathir

MH370: CIA withholding Intelligence Data - Dr. Mahathir

Newsletter published on 21 May 2014

(1) CIA withholding information on flight MH370, says former Malaysian
PM Mahathir Mohamad
(2) Reporters accept without question, US assurance that MH370 did not
land at Diego Garcia
(3) Why was MH370 not Detected by Diego Garcia US Naval and Intelligence
(4) MH370: the missing Intelligence Data from US ships & bases near
Strait of Malacca & South China Sea
(5) MH370 twin jet in Tel Aviv; Israeli military & intelligence presence
on Diego Garcia - Yoichi Shimatsu
(6) Malaysia Airlines MH370 'ping' recordings will not be released as
doubts grow over their validity
(7) First book on MH370 mystery blames US war games
(8) NSA refuses FOIA request on MH370, saying it's "Classified"
(9) MH370 Revisited Part 1: Malaysians Defy Zionist Disinformation -
Yoichi Shimatsu
(10) MH370 Revisited Part 2: Protecting US Defense Technology
(11) MH370 Co-Pilot Dialed Out; Philip Wood call from Diego Garcia
genuine - Jim Stone
(12) GeoResonance, a Geophysics company, says MH370 wreckage in Bay of
(13) Search team dismisses Bay of Bengal claim without any investigation
of it

(1) CIA withholding information on flight MH370, says former Malaysian
PM Mahathir Mohamad

Sydney Morning Herald

May 19, 2014


One of the most influential figures in Malaysia's ruling party claims
information about flight MH370 is being hidden and the Australian-led
search for the plane off Western Australia is a waste of time and money.

Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said the plane's disappearance on
March 8 was "most likely not an ordinary crash after fuel was exhausted".

"The plane is somewhere, maybe without MAS [Malaysia Airlines]
markings," he said. "It is a waste of time and money to look for debris
or oil slick or to listen for pings from the black box."

Dr Mahathir, 88, who was prime minister for 22 years from 1981, wrote in
his personal blog he could not imagine that "the pilots made a soft
landing in rough seas and then quietly went down with the aircraft".

"Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia
should take the blame," he wrote.

Dr Mahathir suggested the United States' Central Intelligence Agency had
knowledge of the disappearance of the plane with 239 people on board but
was not sharing it with Malaysia.

He also claimed that Boeing, the plane's maker, and "certain" government
agencies, have the ability to remotely take over control of commercial
airliners such as the missing Boeing 777.

"For some reason, the media will not print anything that involves Boeing
or the CIA," he said.

In another blog last month, Dr Mahathir, who remains a power broker in
the ruling United Malays National Organisation, questioned whether the
plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean and blamed Boeing for its

During his time in power, Dr Mahathir was often critical of Western
countries such as the US, even once suggesting the attacks on the World
Trade Centre in New York were staged as an excuse to mount attacks on
the Muslim world.

His comments on MH370 reflect deep suspicion in Malaysia of foreign
involvement in the plane's disappearance despite Prime Minister Najib
Razak saying last week that nobody knew what happened on board, or
precisely where the plane was, more than two months after it disappeared.

Mr Najib said experts had identified that MH370 ended in the southern
Indian Ocean, where the search was focused, discounting dozens of other
theories and reported sightings.

But Dr Mahathir wrote in his latest blog that planes "don't just
disappear ... certainly not these days, with all the powerful
communications systems, radio and satellite tracking and filmless
cameras which operate almost indefinitely, and possess huge storage

"Can it not be that the pilots of MH370 lost control of their aircraft
after someone directly or remotely activated the equipment for seizure
of control of the aircraft?" he wrote. [...]

(2) Reporters accept without question, US assurance that MH370 did not
land at Diego Garcia


US rules out MH370 landed at its Indian Ocean base in Diego Garcia

Washington, March 19, 2014
First Published: 08:33 IST(19/3/2014)
Last Updated: 14:19 IST(19/3/2014)

The United States has ruled out the possibility of the missing Malaysian
plane landing at its Indian Ocean base in Diego Garcia.

"I'll rule that one out," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told
reporters yesterday when asked about such news reports appearing mainly
in the Chinese press.

Carney said the Malaysian government has the lead in this investigation
and the US officials are in Kuala Lumpur working closely with the
Malaysian government on the investigation.

"This is a difficult and unusual situation, and we are working hard, in
close collaboration with the Malaysian government and other partners, to
investigate a number of possible scenarios for what happened to the
flight. Our hearts of course go out to the families of the passengers.
They are in a truly agonizing situation," he said. ...

Comment {Peter M.} The timidity of Reporters today is astonishing. A
plane disappears, and a fruitless search costs $100 million, yet
Reporters accept Government statements at face value - without probing
or tough questioning.

(3) Why was MH370 not Detected by Diego Garcia US Naval and Intelligence

From: Paul de Burgh-Day <pdeburgh@harboursat.com.au>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:11:48 +1100

Why was the Malaysian MH370 Flight Not Detected by the Diego Garcia US
Naval and Intelligence Base in the Indian Ocean?

By Adrian Salbuchi

Global Research, March 26, 2014


Diego Garcia is a tropical, footprint-shaped coral atoll located south
of the equator in the central Indian Ocean.

It is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory, but now under US
Control under lease from UK.

The American military base on the island of Diego Garcia is one of the
most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installations
outside the United States.

Located near the remote center of the Indian Ocean and accessible only
by military transport, the base was a little-known launch pad for the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and may house a top-secret CIA prison where
terror suspects are interrogated and tortured.

Is it possible for MH 370 not tracked by USA's most sophisticated
technologies on earth in Diego Garcia if in fact MH 370 was flying to
the Indian ocean?

(4) MH370: the missing Intelligence Data from US ships & bases near
Strait of Malacca & South China Sea


Is MH370 The Latest Casualty Of The Pentagon's Pivot To Asia?

By Yoichi Shimatsu {formerly Editor of the Japan Times}

March 20, 2014

The closer that millions of online sleuths come to tracing the
trajectory and destination of the missing Malaysian Airlines jetliner,
the likelier it becomes that the National Security Agency and CIA will
resort to disinformation, including the planting of falsified evidence,
to throw off their pursuers in what increasingly appears to be an
electronic hijacking by those spy agencies.

More layers of the ongoing cover-up are being hatched now that
eyewitnesses at the Huvadhu Atoll, a diving area in the southern
Maldives, have reported sightings of "a low-flying jumbo jet.: South of
Huvadhu Atoll, the closest U.S. military facility is Diego Garcia in the
Chagos Islands. The joint U.S. Navy submarine and Air Force facility has
underground hangers huge enough to conceal B-52 bombers, a convenient
hiding place for a Boeing-777.

Huvadhu is a prominent marker in the vast Indian Ocean, used as the
turning point for flights into Diego Garcia. There valuable cargo -
either classified documents or a human intelligence asset - can be
secretly landed and reloaded on a USAF cargo jet or a Navy submarine.
Countless secret and illegal "extraordinary rendition" flights were sent
to Diego Garcia in the war on terror, and there is no practical reason
why the same US intelligence agencies would not use it to land a
civilian aircraft hijacked by remote control.

Pieces of the wreckage spotted by US ally Australia further south of
Diego Garcia could be a decoy site, salted with physical evidence of
airplane parts that have been moved surreptitiously. As in the unsolved
mystery of Amelia Earhart, who was on an espionage mission against the
Japanese forces in the South Pacific before her disappearance, there is
the possibility that a hostile military force moved tantalizing evidence
from the actual landing site to a more distant remote island by plane or

Malaysia Targeted by Air-Sea Battle Plan

The case of a MH370 has been solely focused on the possibility of a
route diversion by the on-board crew. Completely ignored in press
releases and news reports so far is the elephant in the room, or perhaps
a better analogy of a Great White Shark in the bathtub - the massive
U.S. Navy and Air Force presence in the seas and airspace surrounding

There is absolutely no way that a flying object as large as a Boeing-777
could evade the 24-hour watch over the South China Sea and the Andaman
Sea by NSA-USAF spy satellites, high-tech AEGIS destroyers, the new
class of Littoral Combat Ships and P3 surveillance planes.

The reasons for targeting Malaysia becomes clearer by examining the
bigger picture of an aggressive military build-up in the Southeast Asia
region by the combined armed forces of the US, Japan and Australia under
Washington's "strategic pivot to Asia" policy. This geopolitical
strategy is carried out by the Pentagon and its military allies through
the Air-Sea Battle Concept, which disperses Navy and Air Force fighter
jets across a network of civilian airfields and secret landing strips.

Beijing is not the only target of the Air-Sea Battle Concept. Malaysia
runs a close second to China on Washington's enemies list. Flight MH370,
destined for Beijing, is the literal embodiment of the economic alliance
and political relationship between : China and Malaysia, making the
airliner a most convenient target.

Pressuring Kuala Lumpur

Located on the geostrategic Malacca Strait, Malaysia is a predominantly
Muslim oil-producing nation with a "Look East" policy allying itself
with Japan and China. Last year the Malaysian and Chinese governments
established an economic alliance, which includes Asian access to world
oil reserves. In the eyes of Washington and its allies, these are
sufficient grounds to treat Kuala Lumpur as an adversary.

Even though the Malaysian police force has cooperated closely with the
US Embassy in the war on terror, which led to arrests of top-ranking Al
Qaeda-linked terrorists, that is not good enough. The late Moammar
Gaddhafi of Libya and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also aided
Washington in post-911 anti-terrorism, and look where it got them. It is
not enough to be a friend of America. For a leader to survive, he must
be a groveling yes-man, a political slave - and never mind America's
long-forgotten principles of sovereignty or self-determination.

Warnings from Washington were repeatedly given to Malaysia over the past
few years. In late August 2013, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel flew to
Kuala Lumpur last year to pressure the Defence Ministry to cooperate
with the strategic pivot through joint naval-and-air exercises directed
against Chinese forces in the Malaysian-claimed islets in the Spratley
group. These spits of rock and sand located off of Sabah, the Malaysian
state in northwest Borneo, have names longer than their diameters, for
instance, Investigator Reef and Mariveles Reef.

At the same time, a mystery force led by a claimant to the title of
Sultan of Saah send a group of Filipino gunmen, allegedly trained by a
retired American commando, attacked Sabah with a series of shootouts
with the Malaysian Army. US counterinsurgency troops happened to be
operating in the southern Islamic-dominated areas of the Philippines,
where the "sultan" recruited his desperado guerrillas.

Meanwhile, as disclosed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Washington
with the cooperation of Singapore was massively eavesdropping on
Malaysian communications, banking and Internet traffic. Kuala Lumpur
filed a diplomatic protest with Singapore, which downplayed its role as
an agent for American, British and Israeli interests in Southeast Asia.

Not by any coincidence, this writer earlier exposed the role of Google
in trying to block visitors to pro-Palestinian websites in Malaysia and
Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has taken an active role in sending aid boats to
Gaza and speaking on behalf of Palestinian rights at the UN. Google has
close relations with the electronic warfare operations of the Pentagon
and the Israel Defense Force, and sponsors a research center in
Technion, a technical university in Haifa closely integrated with the IDF.

MH370 is not the first possible casualty of the strategic pivot policy.
In May 2011, a Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliner was "accidentally" downed in
nearby Indonesia. That mysterious crash into a mountain on a clear day
happened after takeoff from Halim Air Base, the planning center for the
Air-Sea Battle Concept across the vast Indonesian archipelago. Sukhoi
Aircraft Industries had strong connections with Malaysia, where Russian
plane manufacturer was planning to build a regional maintenance center -
a business plan since canceled under pressure from the Pentagon, Boeing
and Lockheed.

Malaysia has the only air force in the region that flies Sukhoi jet
fighters, which unlike US-supplied warplanes, cannot be electronically
controlled and disarmed by a computer-code signal from the Pentagon.

How to Knock Out Aviation Electronics

The flight paths of MH370 were not across uncharted waters, as news
reports suggest, but over some of the world's most heavily watched
maritime channels. As soon as the jet lifted off Kuala Lumpur, its
communications signals and radar image were picked up by US Navy signals
intercepts officers stationed at Changi Navy Base and Sembawang dockyard
in Singapore, which are effectively bases for the 7th Fleet. Triple
coverage would have been provided by USAF listening posts at Halim Air
Base near Jakarta.

The Malaysian airliner would then been picked up by the many USN ships
patrolling the South China Sea, in and around the Spratley Islands.
Besides AEGIS radar ships, the Navy has dispatched a new class of
Littoral Combat Ships, including the USS Freedom, to the pivot.

Beamed from one of these ships, a powerful type of radar called X-band
or narrow-aperture radar could easily have disabled all of the planes.
The advanced radar system, now used in electromagnetic warfare to knock
out missile and planes, led to the unintended blackout of Los Angeles
Airport (LAX) in April 2004.

As told to me by a former Navy communications officer, "the new type of
radar was commissioned by Admiral Jeremy Boorda, who was an enthusiast
for anything hi-tech. When our destroyer came to the port of Los
Angeles, someone switched on the radar and the electrical power went
down at LAX and all of the surrounding area. LAX was closed for hours,
but the incident was hushed up by the Pentagon." Boorda was the victim
of an apparent suicide in 1996 after infuriating the officer corps by
exposing widespread problem of rape in the naval ranks.

As reported in the news, MH370 was steered toward the Indian Ocean by
the insertion of a computer command into its navigation system. Since at
least the 911 incident and possibly earlier, Boeing passenger jets can
be remote-controlled by the US intelligence agencies. Any recently built
American-built aircraft can now be electronically commandeered and
operated like a drone.

The only question is whether the American government is willing to
engage in such a reckless disregard innocent lives. That point has
already been proven in countless drone strikes against civilian
compounds in places like Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, the Horn of Africa
and many unreported locales. Though illegal and immoral, death from the
skies is official policy. Without any effective restraints, the Pentagon
can easily eliminate the passengers of Malaysian Airlines.

Perhaps it is not too late to save any surviving hostages, but that task
would require a commando team capable of rescuing them from inside a
heavily guarded U.S. Military base in the center of the Indian Ocean and
flying them to India, the only coastal country in the region secure
enough from a Pentagon counterstrike. Rambo, are you ready?

Flying Under the Radar

After its electronic systems were knocked out, MH370 made a sharp left
turn toward the Kra Peninsula along the thinly populated and
insurgency-troubled Malaysia-Thai border. The jet dove to 6,000 feet and
possibly lower, enabling it to evade detection by flying below the
ground radar. Its path, however, was briefly picked up from the northern
side, where the Thai Air Force bases a fleet of Saab jet fighters.

Significantly, the plane did not crash into the steep mountain range
along the Kelantan-Kedah state border, but managed to fly in between the
taller peaks. Either the passengers and crew were blessed with
incredible luck or the MH370 was flying under remote control. Remote
piloting software for a plane, now a readily available for drones, was
first developed by Israeli programmers, all of them former IDF officers,
in Atel, Israel, prior to 911. The same team created the hacker-immune
Waterfall software for critical infrastructure, which was released
coincidentally at the same time as the Stuxnet virus.

Then MH370 crossed over the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea, which
is crowded with commercial vessels and oil tankers. That particular
section of the strategic passage is constantly monitored by NSA-CIA
surveillance stations assigned to protect Indonesia's Sumatra offshore
oil platforms operated by Exxon and BP. Just north of Phuket is the Thai
Navy's 3rd Headquarters, where American servicemen keep track of all
ship and airplane traffic over the Andaman Sea.

It is impossible, in short, with so many radar facilities and airbases
in that oil-rich sea for any jetliner, especially along an unscheduled
air route, to go unspotted. So somebody is lying, and perhaps everybody
is lying.

The Impunity of Criminal States

The cargo manifest for MH370 has yet to be released, just like the
SwissAir 111 shipment of pallets of bonds was never disclosed. Perhaps
the motive was an economic crime, although that possibility is
far-fetched since Malaysia is not a major holder of US Treasury bonds

The other possible motive is the human assets aboard the jet. The
passenger manifest does not disclose the occupation or rank associated
with the names. Was there a VIP on board of extreme high value to
Western intelligence agencies?

The lesson of MH370 is that the Great Powers act in secrecy and with
impunity. Wars of strategic interest are no longer waged openly but are
conducted by proxy armies, mercenaries with guns, propaganda agents
placed inside of human-rights groups, media blackmail, social media
manipulation and spies in the sky.

Electronic warfare against planes or against smartphones is by now
routine and accepted by dumbed-down users, with no apologies or regrets
expressed by the NSA or the Pentagon. Smaller players who cross those
invisible red lines or dare to put a stick in the eye of the big boys,
end up broken into tiny pieces. In this cruel new world of subterfuge
and sabotage, one learns to play the game or is quickly ejected into
oblivion like a lost airliner.

Against the prospect of total domination of global society by spy
agencies, resistance by any means and for whatever the cost is not just
a game; it is political duty and moral obligation to restore
long-ignored constitutional principles and the rule of law. The
all-powerful hunters will become the frightened hunted, as is starting
to happen now as millions of online users narrow down the destination of

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, is a Hong
Kong-based science and technology writer.


Times of India, "Missing Malaysian Jetliner: Maldives Islanders Saw
'Low-Flying Plane'", March 18, 2014;

Documents disclosing the connection between Waterfall Security for
critical infrastructure to the same Israeli software developer that
designed a remote cockpit have been removed from the web, along with
articles mentioning the role of Israeli aircraft-controls designer Ehud
Mendelson in the Lockheed Martin drone program. See posting of
Christopher Bollyn, "How a Two-Way Data Pipe Hijacked the 911 aircraft",

The series of reports on the intrigue behind the Sukhoi Superjet 100
crash and the Internet warfare against Malaysian peace organizations was
reported by the 5th Estate in Jakarta (www.freepeople'sthe5thestate),
but the online news site was repeatedly hit by computer hacking and loss
of domain name, with Google failing to respond to numerous requests to
cease its sabotage.

US Department of Defense, press release, August 24, 2013. "Hagel
Underscores Commitment to Partnership with Malaysia",

Stars & Stripes, "First Littoral Combat Ship Arrives in Singapore",
April 13, 2013

AFP report on Thailand military picking up radar blips in the opposite
direction of the planned flight path, March 19, as reported in the
Hindustan Times.

(5) MH370 twin jet in Tel Aviv; Israeli military & intelligence presence
on Diego Garcia - Yoichi Shimatsu


Role Of Israel & Soros Exposed by MH370 Twin Jet In Tel Aviv

By Yoichi Shimatsu

March 27, 2014

BANGKOK - It is by no mere coincidence, when telltale evidence of a
Mossad role in the MH370 hijack was starting to snowball, that Israel's
embassies and consulates were suddenly shut down due to a "strike by
diplomatic staff". This fork-tongued alibi was obviously meant to
prevent law enforcement agencies across Asia and the Western world from
questioning Israeli intelligence agents and military attaches about the
whereabouts and fate of the hundreds of passengers.

The Jewish state's diplomatic corps has retreated further into a
tortoise shell, perhaps because of the hammer blow from investigative
journalist Christopher Bollyn, who previously exposed Israel's hand
behind the 911 attacks. Based on eyewitness reports from a network of
plane watchers in Europe and in Israel, Bollyn reports that an identical
production model of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 is being kept out
of regular service inside a hangar at Tel Aviv Airport.

Seattle-based Boeing assembles aircraft in pairs as its standard
practice, but the question is how one jet was leased by Malaysia's
national carrier while the matching plane was secretly turned over to
the Israeli government without a purchase order from state-run El Al

Bollyn uncovered the fact that the two jets were delivered to a
third-party company, whose top manager has a longtime connection with
the George Soros. From the timeline of events, it is obvious that the
plane transfers and subsequent electronic hijacking were part of a
larger strategy, which was aimed at:

first, a planned alse-flag attack involving mass murder of American
citizens to be blamed on the two Iranians aboard MH370, in order to
prompt the White House to order air strikes against Iran's nuclear
facilities and air defenses; and

second, the blatant theft of key technology related to Freehold
Semiconductor's Kinesis microchip, the world's tiniest microcontroller,
for use in miniature weapons systems that will ensure Israeli military
supremacy for decades to come.

Bait and Swtich [...]

Who is Abdol Moabery?

The twin Boeing jets were sold to GA Telesis, an aircraft leasing and
servicing company, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The owner of GAT
is Abdol Moabery, the son of Iranian immigrants in the posh Woodlawn
Hills suburb of Los Angeles.

Before and after September 2001, Moabery was executive manager of
Skywatch, a company that supplied monitoring devices for the rooftops of
office towers. The electronic device can spot as many as 300 flying
objects in one sweep and single out the one flying toward the targeted
property. Handy indeed to welcome your boss on the helipad in Manhattan
and also to direct his pilot toward the right building.

One of the partners in Skywatch was New York City Mayor Rudolf Guiliani,
who claimed his interest was solely in its potential application to
monitor US borders against illegal immigrants. One immigrant who slipped
past the Skywatch net was Mohamad Atta. Despite or perhaps because of
Skywatch, the two jetliners flew into the Towers like Robin Hood's arrows.

Six months after 911, Moabery left Skywatch to start up GA Telesis in
Florida, a state then governed by fellow Republican Jeb Bush and where
911 suspects had extensive flight training.

Prior his term at Skywatch, Moabery served in the US Navy and then
worked in executive positions for two Soros-owned aviation companies,
Aviation Systems International and C-S Aviation. C-S stands for
Chatterjee-Soros. Purnenda Chatterjee is a former Stanford Research
Institute and McKinsey partner, whose Chatterjee Group funneled
investment funds into West Bengal on behalf of his mentor Soros. In
2011, investors in North Carolina filed charges against Soros and his
protege for fraud and embezzlement, an won the initial case by arguing
that Soros concealed his ownership of the bankrupt company. Soros is not
the Midas he pretends to be, often escaping out the back door leaving
behind angry investors. [...]

On the surface and from satellite images, Diego Garcia seems a barren
atoll. That's because most of the US Navy and Air Force bases are
underground inside vast bunkers installed a decade ago. The island, part
of the British-owned Chagos archipelago south of India, later made
headlines as the storage site for hundreds of bunker-buster JDAM bombs
for a joint Israel-US airstrike against Iran's nuclear facilities and
air defenses.

The Israeli military and intelligence presence on Diego Garcia is so
massive that long-distance phone operators offer a special discount card
for calls to Israel. The Israeli Navy's nuclear-missile capable Dolphin
submarines refuel and are serviced at Diego Garcia, saving the time and
expense of going to Elat on the Red Sea.

An IDF Dolphin sub from Diego Garcia sank the South Korean frigate
Choenan. The Dolphin crew, panicked by the unscheduled voyage, fired a
smart torpedo at the frigate. On the following two days, South Korean
naval divers rescued several Caucasians, including two drowning victims,
from a sunken submarine. That Dolphin submarine, based at an underwater
base south of Inchon, was later replaced with an IDF order for a new sub
from HDW Germany. Cannon fire from the Choenan's sister ship had hit the
Dolphin after it sank the Choenan, following delivered nuclear-weapons
material to the North Korean military.

Israel is neck-deep in intrigue across Asia, including nuclear deals
with North Korea and Japan. As mentioned earlier in this series on
MH370, Israeli-linked agents including Google and Facebook have
monitored email servers across Southeast Asia and hacked into computers
of Palestinian supporters.

The role of Israeli intelligence assets inside Muslim-dominated Malaysia
is a long-running issue that involves strings of stay-behind agents left
by the British colonial authority. These underground networks are
descended from two strands of Jewish administrators and merchants in
colonial Malaya. First are those who have origins in the Ottoman empire
and migrated under Britain's favorable policy toward the Donmeh Jews
(hidden Jews inside the Islamic community across the Arab realm, Turkey
and Iran) during the Ataturk period. Second are Baghdadi Jews involved
in the opium trade. More recent recruits are ordinary bureaucrats and
military officers who are in need of a handful of shekels to pay their
gambling debts.

The spotting of increasing amounts of flotsam and jetsam off the
Australian coast are meant to throw public attention off track. In
actual flotation situations, there would be less debris with each
passing day, as seats become waterlogged and life jackets deflate.
Obviously, submarines from Diego Garcia are jettisoning pieces of
aircraft through their missile hatches with blasts of compressed air.
Bodies can be frozen in morgues with life jackets to be partially opened
before dispatching them out the torpedo tubes.

Soros Gets More Than a Pound

The Malaysian jetliner, and its hidden sibling in Tel Aviv, are the
instruments that should have guaranteed Zionist supremacy over the
global economic and political order throughout this century. Instead,
their grandiose design is collapsing under its own fabrications and
delusions, as Israeli envoys scurry into the shadows like rats under
spotlights. The FBI and Interpol have a monumental task ahead. Crush
Israeli terrorist apparatus and hunt down their cells until world
civilization is safe again.

"Thieves, murderers and liars" are mere words that can hardly describe
the crafty criminality of the Israeli spy chiefs. But what about their
paymaster, what does Soros get out of the deal? For one thing, the
Mossad turns over the Kinesis microchip technology as thanks for his
patriotism. Chips aside, what Soros really, really wants is the
satisfaction of payback against Malaysia. Few things are more important
than money, and that short list includes revenge.

The Hungarian Jew tycoon, who bought US citizenship after defrauding the
Bank of England, has a die-hard grudge against Malaysia. During his
cunning attempt to wreck the currencies of Southeast Asian, with the
hidden agenda of buying assets and property on the cheap, Soros was
slammed down by Malaysia's then Prime Minister Muhammad Mahathir, who
imposed a currency board to stop capital flight. That was back in 2008.
(The Zionist-influenced Western media and Wall Street bankers quickly
denounced Mahathir as "anti-semitic", forgetting out of their dismal
cultural ignorance that an Asian Muslim cannot be such since fellow
believers across the Arab world are more Semitic than European Jews.)

If revenge is a dish best served cold, Soros has ice in his veins and
waited till his dying days to gouge out a pound of flesh from Malaysia's
body politick.

At the risk of sounding as soft as Lady Portia with her aristocratic
Venetian accent, let me suggest that the world community is to be
governed with compassion for the poor and genuine democracy, and not by
a top-down global order imposed with violence and greed from a
self-appointed religious minority. So as the noose tightens on that
little rogue state that would be king of our planet, let us mourn the
victims of Flight 370 as much as we grieved over those who died inside
the World Trade Center. Such bloodthirsty evil should never be allowed
to strike again.

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with the Japan Times group in Tokyo, is a
Hong Kong-based science writer.

(6) Malaysia Airlines MH370 'ping' recordings will not be released as
doubts grow over their validity



MAY 19, 2014 4:47PM

NEW doubt has crept into the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
after the Australian search agency said it would not make public the
audio recordings of four acoustic "ping" signals.

After strong initial certainty they were hearing black box
transmissions, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre headed by Angus
Houston now appears less certain that they came from the plane.
"Analysis on all four detections is continuing," said the JACC in a
statement to News Corp Australia.

"The recordings of the detections will not be released at this point in

Retired Air Chief Marshall Houston had earlier said he could see no
issue with releasing the audio, but that position has changed after six
weeks of intense examination of the signals.

Questions are now being raised over the legitimacy of the two sets of
pings, detected by the Ocean Shield's towed-pinger locater on April 5
and 8, and why they need further analysis given they have already been
subject to extensive scrutiny. [...]

One possible reason for the JACC's reluctance is that it would only
cause more speculation from so-called experts. However, the mystery is
already so awash with wild theories that its release would unlikely
cause the searchers to lose focus.

But the fact that analysts were continuing to pore over the
transmissions suggests they are reviewing earlier assumptions they did
come from the jet's black boxes.

(7) First book on MH370 mystery blames US war games


May 18, 2014

Seventy-one days after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, the
first book about the disaster will go on sale on Monday with a theory
about what might have happened. [...]

Flight MH370 The Mystery, which is made available by NewSouth Books in
Sydney, doesn't claim to have any answers but to some extent supports
the theory that the aircraft may have been accidentally shot down during
a joint Thai-US military exercise in the South China Sea. Searchers were
then possibly led in the wrong direction to cover up the mistake, it

One theory: Flight MH370 posits that there was a cover-up. "In an age
where a stolen smart phone can be pinpointed to any location on earth,
the vanishing of this aircraft and 227 passengers is the greatest
mystery since the Mary Celeste," the publicity for the book reads.

The Sun-Herald is the first media outlet in Australia to see the work,
written by author and journalist Nigel Cawthorne. It records the events,
emotions and theories unfolding on a backdrop of fruitless searches.

Cawthorne says in the introduction that "almost certainly" relatives
will never be sure what happened to their loved ones.

"Did they die painlessly, unaware of their fate? Or did they die in
terror in a flaming wreck, crashing from the sky in the hands of a madman?"

He says this raises the significance that around the time the plane's
transponder went off at 01.21, New Zealander Mike McKay, working on an
oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand, saw a burning plane. He links that to
the joint Thai-US military exercise going on in the South China Sea with
personnel from China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

"The drill was to involve mock warfare on land, in water and in the air,
and would include live-fire exercises," he writes.

"Say a participant accidentally shot down Flight MH370. Such things do
happen. No one wants another Lockerbie [Pan Am flight 103 by terrorists
in 1988 allegedly in retaliation for a US Navy strike on an Iranian
commercial jet six months earlier], so those involved would have every
reason to keep quiet about it."

He suggests through anonymous and contradictory sources, they might
release misinformation, leading people to search in the wrong place in
an environment so hostile that it would be unlikely anything would ever
be found.

"After all, no wreckage has been found in the south Indian Ocean, which
in itself is suspicious," Cawthorne writes.

"Now I'm not saying that's what happened but if a black box is found,
who is to say that it is from Flight MH370? Another black box could have
been dropped in the sea 1000 miles from Perth while the search was going
on in the South China Sea. In these circumstances, with the amount of
disinformation abroad, it is best to be sceptical." [...]

(8) NSA refuses FOIA request on MH370, saying it's "Classified"


Updated May 5, 2014 with Rebuttal Comments - Is This Why NSA Has
Classified All Information About MH370?

(c) 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe

Update May 5, 2014 / Orig. April 30, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico -

On April 27, 2014, Earthfiles reported that an NSA reply to an
attorney's FOIA request for all information concerning the disappearance
of Malaysian Flight MH370 was a "currently and properly classified matter."

"We have determined that the fact of the existence or non-existence of
the (MH370) materials you request is a currently and properly classified
matter in accordance with Executive Order 13526 ..."

- National Security Agency, April 16, 2014

{visit website to see NSA reply}

{caption} April 16, 2014, reply to attorney Orly Taitz's FOIA request
(FOIA Case: 77287) from the National Security Agency/ Central Security
Service, Fort Meade, Maryland. {end}

(9) MH370 Revisited Part 1: Malaysians Defy Zionist Disinformation -
Yoichi Shimatsu


MH370 Revisited Part 1: Malaysians Defy Zionist Disinformation

By Yoichi Shimatsu

World Exclusive to Rense.com


KUALA LUMPUR - At a closed-door seminar on the disappearance of Malaysia
Airlines Flight 370, veteran police commanders and retired military
officers said that erroneous media reports and bizarre blogger theories
are aimed at debunking the logical conclusion that the jetliner was
hijacked. Trivialized speculation and futile searching have presented a
mid-sea crash as the only possible scenario and a given fact without a
shred of evidence.

Meanwhile the country's largest ad agency is pushing a cynical publicity
campaign to persuade families and friends to give up the search for
their loved ones. Across the capital Kuala Lumpur, gigantic billboards
and electronic signs are posted with "condolences" and "mourning" for
those aboard MH370, asserting without an iota of proof that the
passengers are dead. The shadowy ad firm Ganad behind this cruel hoax is
hardly a moral standard bearer, after admitting to unreported business
contracts and bribery in a court of law last year.

Who could be behind this campaign to demoralize the Malaysian public? A
veteran Malaysian police detective at the seminar said that
psychological-warfare tactics are being orchestrated from the Mossad
station in neighboring Singapore, a stronghold of Zionist influence
since the colonial era. The SingaIsraeli cover-up has backfired,
however, as millions of skeptical Malaysians filter fact from corporate
media lies and hold on to the possibility that someday, somehow the
hostages will be freed from captivity.

Emerging Consensus Points to Israel as Perpetrator

The consensus among the gathering, which included veteran police and
military officers who have insider access to government information,

- The last radar detection of MH370, picked up by an airport at
Surathani, Thailand, showed the jetliner moving due west between Penang
and Lankawi island, past 2 a.m. when radar at the local international
airports had already closed. The plane was not following a southerly arc
toward Australia as erroneously suggested by European aircraft experts
cited in the mass media.

- Eyewitness accounts of a low-flying jetliner over the Maldives are
bona fide and consistent with other evidence showing the jetliner was
forced to land on nearby Diego Garcia island, a US military facility in
the British-controlled Chagos Islands group, where a large contingent of
Israeli Defense Force personnel are stationed.

- The early-on claim that two Iranian terrorists were aboard was a red
herring planted by the Mossad. The European passports in their
possession were stolen in Thailand and their air tickets were purchased
over the phone, suggesting a frame-up by Israeli spies, who operate out
of the Chabad Houses in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The false terror scare
was a ruse to convince the US military to permit MH370 to land at Diego

- Before departure from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) the
pilot ordered extra aircraft fuel, indicating a plan to fly the jetliner
after transiting at Diego Garcia. With full fuel tanks, a Boeing 777 can
easily reach Israel.

The map of southern tip of Diego Garcia shows where the MH370 passengers
were detained, at an abandoned NSA complex at the top of the map,
recently used as a prison for rendition suspects. Formerly called the
Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance center, it was used
by the NSA to track and process data from spy satellites. Its functions
have been replaced by USAF-NSA orbital platforms. The demolished
satellite dish park is shown below the NSA complex.

The Unknown Soldiers

On March 18, some 10 days after the hijack, American passenger Philip
Wood managed to send an i-Phone message, consisting of a dark "selfie"
photo of his hooded head. His voice message was probably received,
transcribed and edited into a standard SOS text by his fiance Sarah
Bajc, a business executive in Beijing with intelligence connections. His
message reads:

"I have been held hostage by unknown military personnel after my flight
was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my
cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the
other passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I
have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

The key words here are "unknown military". A trained security expert,
Wood would have detected British, Australian or Turkish accents among
the hostage takers. The only other military contingent on Diego Garcia,
second only to Americans in numbers of personnel, are the Israelis.
Dressed in unmarked uniforms, the Israels would speak in English with a
variety of accents and therefore fit his description of an "unknown

Wood was unaware of his location. GPS data from his i-Phone phone
indicate that the passengers were held in the southeast sector of the
ring-shaped atoll at an abandoned NSA facility. Formerly known as the
Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance center, the fenced
site with several structures has been used for extraordinary renditions
in the war on terror, as attested to in a 2009 lawsuit in a London court
by two Egyptian prisoners secretly detained there, as reported by The

As shown in the Egyptian suspects' court testimony against the British
military, allied forces have had free rein to run their own operations
on Diego Garcia without interference from the US military. Therefore, it
was possible for the Israelis to remain in control of the Flight 370
passengers and crew at the remote NSA facility, after turning over the
two Iranians to American interrogators.

Wood's role as the security expert for the Freescale Semiconductor team
aboard MH370 would have prompted the Israel team to separate him from
other passengers for solitary confinement. He was taken the switching
facility for an abandoned array of satellite dishes, which appear as
circles on the ground, south of the NSA compound.

The Israeli commandos isolated Wood because, as the team security
expert, he was the only person who knew how to organize the computer
programmers and other passengers to refuse to disclose their names and
job titles to their captors. By hiding or exchanging their passports,
and refusing any cooperation, the passengers could prevent the hijackers
from completing their mission of identifying the Freesoft staffers and
taking them on a smaller military aircraft to Israel. Wood's task, in
contrast, was to protect the data, so vital to American national
security, whatever the sacrifice.

By March 24, Sarah Bajc's on camera interviews with CNN and BBC bureaus
in Beijing, and her pleas to the US Embassy, spurred the State
Department and CIA officials to launch an inquiry as to why an American
security expert was being held by a foreign military. Once investigators
examined the GPS data sent with the i-Phone photo, American intelligence
officials realized to their dismay that MH370 was parked on the US
military base in Diego Garcia.

That shocking discovery caused the American officers at Diego Garcia to
order the Israelis to remove the plane and its passengers from their
jurisdiction. Since a return to Kuala Lumpur would have caused an
uproar, the only acceptable destination was a Royal Australian Air Force
base in the Outback, north of Perth. RAAF Base Pearce at Bullsbrook is a
joint-use base with the Singapore Air Force, putting it under de facto
control of the Israel Air and Space Wing, which organized the MH370

By hiding the plane in Western Australia, the military allies could to
buy time to resolve the diplomatically embarrassing crisis. The plane
never reached that holding center.

Prenuptial Tragedy

The probable recipient of Wood's smart-phone message is his
Beijing-based fiance Sarah Bajc. A marketing expert for high-tech
companies, she has professional links with the US Commerce Department,
which began early in her career as a member of a federal committee on
foreign trade. Former Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was US Ambassador to
Beijing until the end of 2013, so she had personal access to the
Embassy. As such, she has connections with US intelligence officer and
the Western news media, including CNN and BBC, which covered her
shocking statements that governments were running a cover-up over the
hijacking and that the MH370 passengers were still alive.

In many ways, the romantic link between Wood and Bajc as tech-security
experts was similar to the relationship between CIA
counter-proliferation agent Valerie Plame and Ambaassador Joe Wilson. By
no odd coincidence, the opponent of both brainy couples was the same:
Israel along with its neoconservative operatives in the Pentagon.

Bajac claimed the jetliner was escorted by fighter jets . That sighting
on descent to Diego Garcia was possible due to Wood's security training,
which enables an agent to regain consciousness against a dosage of
sedatives, in this case sleeping gas released inside the airplane cabin.
While civilians tend to succumb to drowsiness aboard vehicles, security
agents undergo psychologial training to revive themselves from
sedative-induced slumber. As a result, Wood saw the jet escort and
realized that MH370 had been remotely hijacked.

Asleep at the Wheel

The possibility that the passengers and crew were sedated via the air
vents was confirmed by a police detective and a military officer at the
Kuala Lumpur seminar. Calls to mobile phones of passengers aboard MH370
by relatives triggered ring tones that went unanswered, indicating the
passengers had been drugged. That scenario gains credible support from
the erratic steering just before MH370 made its U-turn to cross over the
peninsula, indicating that the pilot was struggling with drowsiness just
before the controls were taken from his hands by an electronic hijack.

The release of airborne-tranquilizers via the interior vents was
patented in August 2003 by inventor Jose Paul Moretta, as part of a
remote-piloting system to foil terrorist hijackers. Aircraft
manufacturers may have developed a working system a decade earlier, at
least since 1995, for installation on high risks air routes, for
example, the Middle East.

Oxygen deprivation is not used in emergency situations because it can
cause permanent damage to the brain and sensory organs. That false media
claim by so-called aircraft experts is obviously intended to maintain
airline secrecy about the anti-hijacking system aboard many large
jetliners. The existence of a gassing system explains why airline
regulations forbid oxygen cannisters aboard passenger jets, since an
independent air supply would enable terrorists to stay in control of a
hijacked jet.

(There is inconsistency over the specific Boeing 777 used for Flight 370
on March 8, with the Malaysian Air Service claiming it is a wholly owned
aircraft delivered in March 2002. In contrast, the Planespotters group
surfaced a document indicating the plane is an older model leased to MAS
by GA Telesis. A change of plane number, with cooperation from Boeing
Southeast Asia, is not inconceivable for two purposes: insurance claims
for the loss of a plane and passengers; and to hide the past
installation of a tranquilizing system when the jet was owned by the
Kuwait aircraft leasing firm ALARCO. Corruption and cover-ups are
standard practice at Boeing Southeast Asia, which under its current
management is allegedly engaged in criminal trafficking activities along
with bribery and kickbacks for plane sales.)

The electronic takeover of MH370's controls over the Gulf of Thailand is
a telltale sign that the pilot lost his nerve at the last minute and had
failed to turn the aircraft westward as ordered by his spymaster. It
will never be known whether the pilot realized that he was under Israel
command, since espionage agencies use "cut outs", middlemen who appear
not to be associated with the operation planners. His assumption was
probably one of aiding Islamic extremists, as is the case in many
so-called jihadist false-flag attacks secretly organized by the Mossad
against US or Arab interests.

The Titiwangsa Mountains, which forms the backbone of the Kra Peninsula,
is risky for pilots even in daylight hours because of its jagged peaks.
During nighttime, downdrafts are especially dangerous, and MH370 crossed
one of the highest passes of the Main Range.

A Loss of Nerve

After takeoff from Kuala Lumpur airport just after midnight, the pilot
should have veered off the scheduled route to Beijing while the aircraft
was still overland and not yet reached the seacoast. To the northeast of
Kuala Lumpur, the jetliner could have safely slipped between the
lower-elevation Genting Highlands and Fraser Hills for radar
invisibility and turned westward, remaining far south of radar range of
the international airports at Penang and Langkawi island.

The pilot, however, missed the easiest turning points and proceeded
beyond the Pacific coast, missing other possible crossing lanes over the
increasing higher Main Range. When the plane crossed the extended
Malaysian-Thai maritime boundary, a radar station at Kota Terengganu,
south of the Thai border, picked up signals indicating sudden erratic
right and then left turns, first rising and then dropping to a much
lower elevation. These out-of-control movements indicate the pilot was
having problems with steering the aircraft. The plane's radio
communications was suddenly cut off, as indicated by the co-pilot's
futile attempt to make a distress call from his mobile phone.

If the cockpit vents were indeed spewing tranquilizer gas, the pilots
could have easily put on their oxygen masks and ordered the loosening of
breathing masks inside the passenger cabin. Obviously, the emergency
oxygen system had tampered with by a Boeing mechanic at Kuala Lumpur
International Airport or earlier at Tarbes-Lourdes Airport in the French
Pyrenees, where the leased planes was parked and serviced by GA Telesis
for six months of 2013. The plane actual production number is therefore
vital to the investigation, regardless of insurance claims.

Within minutes, a Thai military radar unit at an undisclosed location,
picked up signals indicating the plane turned around and was flying back
toward Malaysia. That U-turn, following some confused movements,
indicates that an Israeli satellite or electronic-warfare aircraft had
successfully taken over the controls of MH370.

The Boeing 777 then crossed over a series of peaks of three Malaysian
states, including Terengganu, Perak and Kedah. After 2 a.m., the
jetliner slipped through the gap between Penang and Lankawi airports,
where its trajectory over Butterworth rail station was picked up by a
radar unit at Surathani Airport in Thailand, which was probably alerted
by Thai military aircraft trackers. Thailand will not disclose what it
knows because of its recent purchase of a fleet of SAAB fighter jets to
counterbalance Malaysia's Sukhoi attack planes.

No pilot would attempt such such a crazed high-risk flight path over a
series of mountains at nighttime. Therefore the only possible
explanation is that the pilot failed to perform his assigned task, and
an electronic hijacking system took over the cockpit for a mad dash
toward Diego Garcia with the crown jewels of American technology and a
cargo of unsuspecting passengers fast asleep under the effects of
drugged air.

Faking a Mid-Sea Crash

After their harrowing stopover at Diego Garcia, what could have happened
to MH370? With Phil Wood out of their way and possibly dead by March 20
at an isolated corner of Diego Garcia, the passengers apparently
continued to refuse cooperation with their Israeli captors.

Thus, delays stymied the Israeli effort to identify the computer
programmers who had developed the game-changing Kinetis KL02 and KL03
microcontroller chips, the core of a new generation of ultra-small
weapons, which Israel hopes to deploy against Iranian military
installations and underground nuclear plants. The debriefing of
passengers would thus a require more interrogation time and more
interrogators with Malay and Chinese language skills than available on
Diego Garcia.

Then, as State Department intelligence began its inquiry into the
solitary confinement of the American security expert at an US military
base, the Israeli had to quickly move the passengers off Diego Garcia.
The American garrison obviously could not have the physical evidence of
the Malaysian plane nor the illegal detention of more than 200 civilians
uncovered by diplomatic intelligence and CIA agents.

Sleight of Hand

The planned move to Australia was unacceptable to IDF Headquarters in
Tel Aviv. The Freescale chip designers were urgently needed to produce
their breakthrough microcontrollers in Israel. The Israeli
military-industrial complex was obsessed with a crash program to design
and build ultra-small self-guided weapons for the coming attack on
Iran's underground nuclear plants, air-defense system and
command-and-control centers.

Therefore, the Israeli pilots headed toward Australia as ordered by the
American military but then faked an air crash in the southern Indian
Ocean. A steep nosedive with last-second pullout was enough to deceive
the Australian and US governments. After a radar image was picked up in
Perth, the pilot turned the plane around in the opposite direction,
toward the Red Sea and Israel. This is why the sea search was not
launched until more than two weeks after the plane went missing.

Once again, MH370 evaded radar detection, this time on its final
journey, to the Promised Land.

Part 2 of MH370 Revisited examines the defense intelligence background
of Philip Wood and his struggle against technology piracy by foreign agents.

(10) MH370 Revisited Part 2: Protecting US Defense Technology


By Yoichi Shimatsu

World Exclusive to Rense.com Part 1 4-13-14

KUALA LUMPUR - Several blogs are using dubious photo analysis to
question the credibility of Philip Wood, the American aboard MH370 whose
i-Phone message showed that the plane had been hijacked, its passengers
detained by "unknown military personnel" and the detention center to be
on the Diego Garcia military base. The secrecy surrounding Wood's
background does not mean that he and his fiance Sarah Bajc are "crisis
actors". On the contrary, the facts point to his status as a
tech-security agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Across Asia, the DIA has a reputation for professionalism far surpassing
the CIA's armchair scholars, narcissist neophytes and diplomatic
cocktail freeloaders. Wood fits the DIA profile to a tee, being computer
savvy, knowledgeable about defense-related technology, careful in
maintaining his cover at IBM, silent about his military record and
physically tough.

The fact that the Israelis confined and likely murdered a DIA agent
reveals the extreme desperation that compelled the theft of America's
most advanced defense technology. The midair hijack aimed at abducting
20 computer-technology experts with Freescale Semiconductor exposes the
outlaw mentality of a rogue state that holds its closest ally and
benefactor in utter contempt. Simply put, Israel has emerged as
America's most implacable enemy and all the more dangerous because it
poses as an ally and friend.

Israel resorted to stealing the Freescale Kinetis KL02 and KL03
techology, rather than waiting to pay for licensing rights, because the
micro-controller is urgently needed for the upcoming military assault on
Iran. The widening divide between the State Department and Israel over
Iran policy, particularly the question of a bombing campaign, put the
hawkish and fanatic Netyanhu government onto a "go it alone" warpath
against Tehran.

Since it is logistically impossible for the Israel Air Force to fly
long-distance sorties against Iranian military sites without control
over Syrian airspace, the only feasible alternative to aerial bombing is
to unleash hordes of lightweight ultra-small robotic weapons that can
fly and crawl into underground military facilities.

The KL series microcontroller units (MCU) are the brains for these tiny
self-guided weapons, whose sensors can find pathways through air ducts,
power conduits and plumbing pipes to attack electronic controls and
incapacitate personnel with nerve gas or biowarfare agents. When
launched from Dolphin submarines under the cover of nightfall, there is
no effective defense against an army of tiny ninja robots.

The one person who stood in the way of Israel's devious plans was Philip
Wood, who was not a crisis actor, as suggested in a disinformation
campaign, but instead an American patriot. Without his courageous
efforts to organize resistance against the hostage-takers, the Israelis
would have gotten away with the perfect crime. Now, thanks to his sense
of duty and personal sacrifice, the perpetrators stand naked before the
world as the despicable thugs they really are. The test of American
honor rides on whether the White House or Congress dares to defy Israeli
treachery by acknowledging Phil Wood with a posthumous medal.

Get Off of My Cloud

Texas resident Wood was, on the surface, a quiet and unassuming computer
memory expert with IBM, following his father's career path. Oddly, no
details of his work on cloud computing and computer security in
Dallas-Fort Worth are listed on his Linked-in page.

The omission of a local client list is due to the fact that Big Blue's
largest customer in Fort Worth is USAF-Lockheed Plant 4 at Carswell
military airfield. Plant 4 is where the Air Force and its aerospace
contractors install, test and improve the aviation electronics for
America's most advanced fighters, including the F-22, F-35 and F-18,
along with the navigation systems for drones, missiles and smart bombs.
Computer security against hackers and human-based industrial espionage
is, therefore, all-important to protecting American defense-technology
edge against its many adversaries and friendly rivals.

The Air Force upgraded its longtime partnership with IBM computer
services with a 2010 master contract to transfer its production data,
including weapons design and personnel matters, to a cloud computing
platform with strong security. Even well-protected servers in any lab or
office can be hacked with relative ease with newer software. Cloud
computing, in contrast, establishes a virtual network protected by the
latest firewall software even before its public release. The network is
constantly monitored to determine user behavior and to track down any
attempts to break into unauthorized areas.

The other advantage of the Cloud is its flexibility, moving as it can
across different computer nodes. If a major node is disrupted or
destroyed by a virus attack, terrorist bombing or a nuclear strike, the
data network simply moves onto other computers in safer locations.
Therefore, in event of a nuclear war, America's command-and-control
system will survive intact to deliver a precision counterstrike with its
remaining arsenal.

Called to Kuala Lumpur

After much of Plant 4, with all its components, came under cloud
protection, Wood was transferred to Kuala Lumpur and Beijing following
an IBM contract signing with Freescale Semicondutor.

The Austin-headquartered firm, a spinoff of Motorola, is heavily
dependent on Asian programmers, with their excellent design skills,
mathematical prowess, lower salaries and persistence at quality control.
This is why the world's smallest MCUs were designed and perfected at the
Freescale plant in Petaling Jaya, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

The creation of the KL series prompted top defense-technology experts to
assign watchdogs over Freescale's Asian operations. In November 2013,
Joanne Maguire with Lockheed was appointed to the Freescale board of
directors. Her career record shows her to be a veteran defense-tech
executive as vice president of Lockheed, a member of the national
Defense Technology commission, and a director of the Charles Stark
Draper Laboratory, a cutting-edge weapons research center in Cambridge,

At the same moment, Phil Wood was appointed as fulltime technology
manager with IBM Malaysia. For the first time in his career, he was
given the executive privilege of having a public life and personal
freedom, which was disclosed mainly through his courtship of
Beijing-based Sarah Bajc. Besides their late-life romance, the couple
"covered the bases" of high-tech security, he in the defense-related
sector and she in the civilian corporate economy. A wedding could only
increase their professional synergy. Their pre-nuptial plan was to set
up house in Kuala Lumpur. Instead, their relationship proved to be
tragic, cut short by an Israeli special forces team on Diego Garcia.

Israel's Best and Cruelest

Narrowing down the possible suspects in the MH370 hijacking is not
especially difficult. The operation requires a unique set of resources,
skills and experience. The remote control of a larger jetliner requires
a mobile satellite with GPS guidance hardware to chart the path and
narrow-band radar to determine the captured aircraft's altitude. In
short, guidance through three dimensions plus time, through a
spatial-temporal matrix with variable factors including weather,
potential mid-flight collision with other aircraft and evasion of radar

In short, the operation requires a well-equipped and highly trained Air
Force with the most advanced, which reduces the field to the USAF and
the Israeli Air and Space Wing. The operation also involves an
on-the-ground military intelligence corps, thoroughly knowledgeable
about passenger and crew behavior in a hijacking situation. Among the
world's 192 countries, no air force unit has as much air-hijacking
expertise as the Special Surface-Air Designation Team Unit 5101,
Israel's most secret special forces group, which is known by the Hebrew
term for "kingfisher" or Shaldag.

In recent years, Shaldag conducted the deep infiltration into Syrian
territory to target a suspected nuclear plant being built by North
Korean technicians. Later, Kingfishers aboard helicopters, flying
undetected amid white-hot phosphorus barrages, used short-range missiles
and gunfire to suppress nearly every Hamas rocket-launch site during
Operation Pillar of Fire against Gaza. All the credit was given to
Israel's Iron Dome missile shield, while the real story of highly
disciplined forward-deployed soldiers will never see the light of day.

The commander of Shaldag has earned a sterling reputation for accurate
intelligence work, meticulous preparation, boldness in attack and
personal bravery for his many successful operations. As a result,
General Benjamin "Benny" Ganz was promoted to Chief of the General Staff
of the Israel Defense Force in 2011. His first major decision was to
combine the land, sea and air special forces into a combined spearhead
called the Iran Force. War is on the horizon.

The electronic hijacking of MH370 to seize the Firewall KL technology
has all the hallmarks of Ganz's tactical genius, steel determination and
utter ruthlessness. One team led by one leader pulled off the airborne
equivalent of an Ocean's 11 heist. On a good day in a certain light, the
general even looks like George Clooney.

Outgunned and outnumbered by Israel's best and cruelest, Phil Wood had
no chance in this fight, but he tripped up his Israeli captors long
enough for this ongoing investigation by many veteran analysis in the US
and Malaysia, networked through rense.com, to pick up the trail and
pursue the Ganz gang. The American hero's body will probably never be
found, when there are so many places to dig holes in the Chagos Islands.

To the Promised Land

So what happened to the Malaysian Airline passengers if they did not die
on impact in the southern Indian Ocean?

The jet flew toward the Red Sea, where electronic-warfare planes with
Israeli Air Force routinely jam Saudi and Egyptian radar. Nearing the
southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, the Israel pilot would then veer
the jetliner into the Gulf of Aqaba and over the Israeli-controlled
Negev Desert, while trying not to be spotted near the port of Eilat. The
plane was therefore probably flown at night.

To guarantee a safe landing, a Boeing 777 requires a 3900 meter runway
like the one at Diego Garcia. There are only three such long airfields
in Israel, including the international airports of Tel Aviv Ben Gurion
and Ovda outside Eilat. Landing a Malaysian jetliner at either civilian
airport would be too conspicuous since Malaysia does not recognize the
"Zionist entity" as a legitimate nation-state. Conversely, it would seem
equally strange to ground crews for an El Al jet land at Kuala Lumpur.
There is no love lost between these two small countries.

That leaves only one possible destination, which is Nevatim Air Base
south of Beersheba and close to the Dimona Nuclear Weapons Reactor. The
largest airfield in the Middle East, Nevatim is the base for Israel's
strategic nuclear strike force and was used for tactical bombing
campaigns against Gaza. Its secret facilities include hardened
underground hangars large enough to hide a Boeing 777.

There inside the labyrinth below sand, gravel and concrete slabs, Israel
Air Force interrogators have by now filtered out the Freescale
programmers for dispatch to IDF electronics-warfare laboratories at
smaller military bases. Their design concepts and production data will
establish production of tiny microcontroller chips at some of the 60
semiconductor companies that are members of the Israel Advanced
Technology Alliance (IATI), which is owned by the Paris-based Rothschild
Group. [...]

(11) MH370 Co-Pilot Dialed Out; Philip Wood call from Diego Garcia
genuine - Jim Stone

MH370 Co-Pilot Dialed Out - Diego Garcia Re-Confirmed


To contact Jim Stone try your luck with james@jimstonefreelance.com To
see if your mail made it, Click here ALMOST ALL MAILS CENSORED TODAY,


Confirmed by Malaysian police, and hotly contested by the U.S.The
co-pilot of flight 370 successfully dialed out to reach his mother when
the plane was hijacked and en route to Diego Garcia. The call was picked
up by the last tower in Penang on the West Coast of Malaysia. It
abruptly cut, but the origin of it being flight 370 has been confirmed.
The U.S. denies this, (what else would you expect) but police
investigators have confirmed the call did in fact happen. The call
location confirms flight 370 did indeed turn around and head towards
Diego Garcia.

The confirmed fact that the pilot used a cell phone at this time, when
cell phones are well known to not be able to connect from aircraft
except in the most ideal of circumstances serves as verification that
the pilots were trying to communicate but could not and exhausted every
possible means to contact people on the ground.

Another blunder of the "awacs hijack" was failure to jam the engines,
which communicate their status via satellite for maintenence purposes,
and now we know the jamming platform did not consider jamming cell
phones because cell calls from fast flying jets are widely considered
impossible. Fate definitely favored the pilot. The call was obviously a
last resort effort by the pilot to communicate that worked. MORE DETAILS

Update on Philip Wood -Many people are mailing me saying the image was
photoshopped. Obviously anything out there now was. But the original was
touched by NOTHING. And the coordinates did not follow the format of
what is in everything out there now. They destroyed the photo because it
was hard evidence, if it was fake to begin with, why would they hack my
site to change it? When the hack happened, they put a bloody body up as
the background image and it was strewn across the entire site. This
confirms the hack as well. This report stands.

The Philip wood "debunk" they are focusing on now

Photos are always modified by an Iphone to compress them before sending,
debunk efforts are revolving around "a malicious prank" proven by the
fact that the philip wood photo was modified after it was taken. But
that is a lie, a lie that is working or it would not be getting pursued

The Iphone takes huge photos, over three megabytes in size, and you
cannot routinely send files THAT HUGE over a cell connection for no
reason. So before sending, the Iphone downscales the image and
compresses it, to make it go out quickly. The modified time then is the
length of time it took to take the photo, do the message, and send. AND
automatically downscaled and compressed for sending the image will have
a record of being modified at that time, and the time frame fits.

The modification is AUTOMATIC and a fake image probably would not even
have a record of it.

Don't believe the black box ping story
Jim Stone, April 8 2014

PermalinkEarly on in all of this, the msm was talking about how remote
the Indian Ocean was, and how long it would take to get anything out
there to look for the black boxes from flight 370. Most media said it
would take two weeks. THAT is a lie.

The actual time to get proper search equipment into the area is 4 hours
or less. THAT is how long it would take an F-16 to take off from Diego
Garcia and fly ANYWHERE in the region to scan it at mach 2. And in
reality, with all the NSA satellites up there, satellites so sensitive
that they can detect the beeper circuit in a digital watch from outer
space, the real time is ZERO. And if this entire charade was real, that
is exactly what would have happened. But since it's all a dog and pony
show of fraud, two weeks was the number given because then they could
look for a little while and say OH, we will never find it now, the
batteries are dead.

What an insult of a joke, some things want to make me hurl my last meal,
and this is one of themThe NSA has satellites that can find you in the
wilderness if you choose to hide out there just by looking for something
as simple as having a digital watch with an hour beeper set to beep, or
an alarm on it, or an analog faced watch with digital guts. This is NOT
B.S., I used to work for the NSA in a position much higher than Snowden
and know what is going on here so take this as a bit of advice separate
from the flight 370 story.

The NSA has black radiotelescopic satellites in orbit that have dishes
in excess of 180 feet across, a feat made simple by the fact that the
dishes do not need to be supported while in the weightlessness of orbit,
so they don't need a lot of structural materials in them. These
telescopes are so sensitive that if you are out in the country, in the
wilderness away from all the other radio chatter and electromagnetic
interference, a simple battery operated watch is all it will take to
give away your position. And the circuits in a portable FM or AM radio
are even better for blowing your cover.

electronics, so I beg to question - HOW COULD THEY HAVE LOST FLIGHT 370
IN A WATCH? The entire fraud of even needing to send people out to look
for the black boxes, which emit a ping millions of times as strong as
the circuits in a watch is sickening. Is the NSA good for anything that
will actually help us? I'd say .....maybe..... if flight 370 actually
crashed. And therefore no. [...]

The top five theories surrounding flight 370


1. The tiny microchip

This theory is one that I brought up a couple days after flight 370
vanished and was subsequently picked up by Rense. The theory is that a
Rothchild had the plane vanished so he could cash in on a microchip
patent held by four freescale employees and himself - if the other four
holders were on the plane and considered dead, he would be the sole
owner of the patent.

There are a couple problems with this story which is why when I posted
it I said it's dubious and unconfirmed -

First of all, any Rothchild is ridiculously rich. Money is no object for
them, why would they take the risk of vanishing a plane to get more?

Secondly - Rense pushed this as some sort of unique tiny chip. It is in
fact a patent for a manufacturing process which could make all chips
smaller. That makes it both a bigger deal than Rense stated, and
irrelevant at the same time, let me explain -

Chips are made on a wafer of silicon called a die. That wafer is
expensive. Many chips get made simultaneously on the same wafer. The
patented manufacturing process made it possible to get more chips out of
a wafer. That made them cheaper, and it would affect ALL chips, not just
Renses "tiny microchip", there was nothing unique other than that it
would be smaller, in your calculator, in your Ipad, in whatever.

Here is where this one gets really dubious

Advances in making chips smaller happen all the time. Intel makes a
major breakthrough approximately every 18 months, and AMD does as well.
So freescale is not alone in making advances in this area, and within
ONE product cycle, Intel or AMD would have probaby rendered the
Freescale patent irrelevant. For that reason and the other reason stated
above, I give this theory a 4 on a scale of 1-10., said patent was just
not that important.

Theory 2. The longsoon Hijack

I think this is probably the real reason for the flight 370 hijack, and
it revolves around Chinese data security in the run up to world war 3.

China has developed their own very powerful and completely secure
microprocessor totally lacking ANY NSA back door, and paired it off with
their own completely secure operating system that does not have any back
doors, at least none the NSA knows about. This has allowed China to
secure their data, and the entire country is switching over to it, and
has been in the process of doing so for at least five years.

This un hackable processor was put in the Longsoon Yeelong laptop, which
I had a chance to play with in 2012 in Mexico City. It's not remarkable,
but it is at least definitely up to modern standards, China scored a
major hit with it, and there is no doubt the NSA wanted it's secrets.
You got to know about the Freescale employees on flight 370, but there
were 80 other Chinese tech workers that mysteriously slipped all media
attention and it is my guess that these workers were involved in chinese
data security, which the NSA would want to breach before launcing world
war 3 agains them.

Add to this the fact that after flight 370 and as a direct result of it,
China lost all trust in the American government, EVERY LAST BIT OF IT,
and will be launching their own enormous satellite network to prevent a
flight 370 from ever happening again. If it was THAT important, it was
about more than just a microchip patent and for that reason I give the
Longsoon hijack theory at least a six on a scale of 1-10.

Theory 3: The drone control center seizure

This one is big in Malaysia, and can usually only be found written in
Malay. This is actually very big, and possibly true. If true, it was
censored in the American media.

This theory involves a succesful taleban heist of an American drone
command and control center which was subsequently sent to Malaysia and
sold to China, and was loaded onto flight 370 in six crates at the back
of the passenger area, which was reduced to accomodate them. This
actually has some merit.

The story goes as such: During the pull out from Afghanistan, when the
transport carrying a drone command and control center was on it's way
down the mountain, it was succesfully ambushed by the Taleban. Two
American special forces people were killed by the Taleban, and the
taleban seized the contents of the transport and succesfully got away
with it. It ended up being a complete command and control center for
drone warfare, including multiple terminals, computers, EVERYTHING
including the classified software, decryption, the whole 9 yards, and
the Taleban sold it to the Chinese. It was smuggled by sea into Malaysia
where the Malaysians gladly accepted it and held it at an embassy, from
which it was subsequently loaded onto flight 370 which had been
specially prepared to accept it in six pallets. Those six pallets were
in fact on flight 370, whether or not they actually contained this drone
control system is the only question.

The story continues that it was Israeli intelligence that figured all of
this out, and they worked with American forces to electronically hijack
flight 370 and get it to Diego Garcia.

I would give this theory an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Theory 4 - the biological warfare cargo

This theory involves a dangerous cargo which was smuggled on a cargo
ship and was going to be used to spawn a plague in China. It involves
the death of two guards on a cargo ship to cover it all up, and that
flight 370 was the delivery craft. I called B.S. on this one and did not
even bother to put it up but because it made the rounds I will at least
mention it and give it a 2 on a scale of 1-10.

Theory 5 - the Philip Wood story

This story involves a successful post to the web by an IBM employee who
was on flight 370. The story is plausible, and there has been no proven
way to just write the story off as false. Shills hit the web big time
with this one, trying to explain every way possible with every lie
possible that it would not be true, but the lies were repeatedly easy to
debunk and just obvious shillage.

Helping to dispel my doubts about this story was the fact that my site
got hacked within hours of posting it and the accompanying picture
destroyed. There had to be a reason. This story is very prominent on
this site, I am not going to re-type it here.

At first I was going to give this story a 7.5 on the credibility scale,
but the continued outright shillage that was such easily proven lies,
the failure of any debunker to link back to this site to show people
what I really said, the site hacks and other problems associated with
this story weigh heavily in favor of it being true, I have not been
attacked like this since the Fukushima report and for that reason I will
upgrade this theory from a 7.5 to a 9.

Obviously this does not play into any reason to hijack flight 370 to
begin with, Phil was just an above average guy who worked with IBM data
security and certainly would not have been worth hijacking the plane
over, Phil is collateral damage.

I guess from the mails coming in I have to ONCE AGAIN SAY that I know
exif can be hacked with the right application or a really good
programmer and say that more than three different ways below, and I
clearly state why I do not believe this happened with Philip Wood. If
his image was not legit, why did my site get hacked to destroy it?The
original Exif looked something like THIS, AND NOT A SINGLE SHILL KNOWS
THIS AS OF THE MORNING OF APRIL 2. It had this format and since nothing
sent to me or posted in a debunk had anything like it as of April 2 (it
obviously will after that because they are following my lead) the shills
DO NOT know what I am talking about and are only spewing B.S. The GPS
section looked sort of like this:

23948506938274953940438 ==== 7 18 etc
2049458305965830234944 ==== 72 25 etc and if that's not the Iphone
format, Philip was probably beta testing for IBM. THAT would be the
reason to destroy the photo, NO ONE would have that other than IBM if
those numbers were the result of beta testing IBM software and it would
serve as positive ID. That would be a great reason for the shills to lie
about everything said below in this report and destroy the original, if
those first lines of the exif are some sort of company secret there is
no way any hack would have put them in and THAT would provide positive
ID and a reason to destroy the photo If you have not read the entire
report I suggest you do. I was not some sort of idiot when I posted it.

SHILLAGE SLAMMED AGAIN: Terry wrote: Lt. Col Caggns at DOD media
relations in Arlington confirms cell service available on Diego Garcia.
That officially confirms the shillage as shillage, Thanks!

Philip wood and flight 370 coverage is still on this page, scroll down

Remember the shills

PermalinkIf you ever get hijacked, kidnapped, or become the victim in a
war or terror attack, REMEMBER THE SHILLS. Remember them if you ever
manage to get a message out to the world about where you are, because
they will promptly jump on it to shut you up.

No matter what the story, no matter what the circumstance, if anyone
tries to get your message to the public despite the shills, those trying
to help you will become the object of ridicule and the target of
thousands of paid shills, who will lie, hack and cheat their way into
burying the fact that you are alive, and that you managed to speak.

Such has been the case with Philip wood. And I would like to point out why.

Philip claimed to get a message out with an iphone after being separated
from the rest of the people and put in a prison cell alone. And every
part of what he said was shilled practically into oblivion.

The first thing the shills said was Phillip wood did not exist, but THAT
was a lie.

They then said that an Iphone could never be hidden from a search, but
THAT was a lie. and I promise you, no one hides a knife up their @.

They then tried to make people believe that there is no civilian cell
service on Diego Garcia that Philip could have connected with, because
"it's a military base, there are no civilians there" but then Lt. Col
Caggns at DOD media relations in Arlington confirmed cell service in
fact IS available on Diego Garcia (go figure) because Diego Garcia has a
large civilian population for such a small island, 1,600 civilians
working high paying jobs. And they can't call home. YEP. Because
according to the SHILLS there can't be a satellite linked cell tower.

They then insisted that in his @ meant up his rectum, and not just in
the cheeks, where the TSA fails 70 percent of the time. And even if it
was his rectum, they lied when they said it would not fit, even though
Philip had five hours to think of a way to get it in there before the
plane landed.

Then, after all of that was answered clearly, they then went on to say
that it could never have happened because (lie) "an Iphone cannot be
turned off" when it absolutely can be turned off, and that an Iphone
will only last a day when turned on, when in reality if there is nothing
wrong with the iphone, it can be turned on for over a week in standby

You see, shills think you are stupid, SO STUPID you will believe that a
high end gadget in 2014 always kills the battery in a few hours no
matter what. Welcome 1970's carbon battery.

And they could not have the real picture out there in circulation, NO.
So they hacked their way into the major web site that posted it, and
destroyed the exif so it had no real forensic value within a few hours,
and in stupidity made it obvious by putting up a picture of a bloody
body on that same web site. Let me ask, was that a threat?

People were not stupid enough to buy all the shillage, so the shills
then hatched the only lie left - that the story was too perfect to be
true. But how else could it be? Consider the message:

"I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight
was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my
cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the
rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I
think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

Let's dissect that. "I have been held hostage by unknown military
personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded)." If this was a hoax
given what was known by all the zit picking kids out there, the message
would have instead said "I have been held hostage by American forces
after my plane was hijacked. I am in Diego Garcia. But he does not know
who his captors are, and that is a total green light for the story being
true, because they sure as heck would never tell him. And he obviously
did not know where he was.

He was blindfolded. The Army will blindfold people with a locked bag
over the head that the people they put it on can't get off, to leave
their hands free when they have been judged to not be a threat. Once in
the cell, they took the handcuffs off because he was not a threat, he
was the victim and they left the bag to avoid being identified. Philip,
who may have been beta testing the latest IBM voice recognition software
or using the voice recognition abilities of the Iphone, swiped the
screen correctly to turn it on and then talked to it to get it logged in
somewhere to get his message out because he could not see the screen.

So, the first line of what he said FITS PERFECT.

"I work for IBM and managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the
hijack". Shills ripped this, saying he would not have bothered with
where he worked. That is a load of BUNK. If he was flying to Bejing, he
was most likely on a business flight for work, and wanted to make clear
who he was so there would be no mistake. And where else would he put the
cell phone other than his ass? in his ear? his pee hole? Come on now,
that shillage was thin.

So the second line could not have been any different in a real scenario

"I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and am in a cell"
The fact that he waited to be separated from the rest of the passengers
to get the message out is absolutely the way it would have been, before
separation they would have been closely watching all the passengers and
he did not risk losing his phone while under close scrutiny. Once in the
cell, the cell prevents escape and would not have immediate supervision.
THAT would be the time to dial out.

So the third line is exactly the way it would be, because Phil is a
smart guy, he works for IBM in database security and knew when to try to
reach the outside world.

"My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot
think clearly" That supports the story extremely well, American forces
unilaterally drug all prisoners.

this if you ever end up in trouble, if you ever try to call out you had
better hope no one in a high position of power in America or Israel can
benifit from shutting you up, because they will if they can.Philip was
probably just an average guy. He probably believes CNN and that arabs
did 911. He probably thinks America is a beacon of freedom and truth,
and really believed that if his message hit a blog somewhere it would go
viral. He snapped a picture and sent it, knowing his Iphone would send
his location. But that did not work, because everything he believed
about American freedom, evil arabs, and everything else CNN pushes was a

There will be no rescue for Philip wood, because the liars, hackers,
shills and war department media made good and sure that will never
happen despite the fact that he did get a message out. Phil will have
his mind destroyed so he will never be able to speak up again, and be
used to push a mop for the rest of his life if he is lucky.And if phil
managed to get a message out to anyone in his family, they would have
been detained or killed instantly and kept silent, but that probably did
not happen because all calls would have been censored. All log ins to
any accounts he had blocked. The only hope for phil was an anonymous
blog that did not require log in.

So if you ever find yourself in Phil's position, REMEMBER THE SHILLS,
THE HACKERS, THE LIARS AND CHEATS, they will number in the thousands and
will hatch any lie possible to screw public opinion against you no
matter what message you get out, REMEMBER THEM, THEY WORK FOR A PAYCHECK
AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU.In case you are new to all of
this, an IBM employee on flight 370 succeeded in getting a message with
photo posted to the web. He did not know where he was or who his captors
were, only that his plane got hijacked and that he was now in the hands
of military personnel. He managed to get a photo out to the web with
exif intact. That photo was posted here for about five hours and then
got hacked along with the rest of the site. To get even I posted a
little Fukushima truth here, the rest of the Mike Philip coverage is
below it and all flight 370 coverage from the beginning is on the HOME
Many people do not realize an Iphone can be turned off, to use virtually
zero battery, and if it is not screwed up the turned on standby time is
over a week. The shills hit that topic saying there is no way Philip had
battery, which is a nauseatingly stupid lie to even try to front. All I
can say is USE YOUR BRAIN, when battling professional shillage it's your
best defense. [...]

(12) GeoResonance, a Geophysics company, says MH370 wreckage in Bay of


An Australian Exploration Company Says It May Have Found The Missing
Plane In Area Where Nobody Is Looking


An Australian exploration company says it might have found the missing
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- and it's not in the Indian Ocean.

The company, called GeoResonance, claims that it has identified possible
wreckage from a commercial airliner on the ocean floor in the Bay of
Bengal, Australia's 7News reports.

The Bay of Bengal, marked on the map below, is about 3,100 miles away
from the circled area of the southern Indian Ocean where authorities
have been looking for the missing plane.

  The plane has been missing for about six weeks, and search teams have
yet to find any wreckage. In March, Malaysian authorities said satellite
data revealed the plane's last known location in a remote area of the
Indian Ocean.

But GeoResonance claims it surveyed about 1.2 million square miles of
the possible crash zone and identified "chemical elements and materials
that make up a Boeing 777," a company official told 7News. GeoResonance
apparently used images obtained from satellites and aircraft along with
technology designed to find nuclear warheads and submarines to identify
what they say is the wreckage of a plane.

This screenshot from 7News shows where the images are showing the
wreckage is:

  The company thinks it's MH370 because the wreckage wasn't showing up
on images from the same area from before the plane disappeared.
GeoResonance told 7News that they sent a report about their findings to
authorities on April 15.

A Malaysian aviation official told The Star newspaper that Malaysia was
unaware of the report of GeoResonance's findings.

GeoResonance notes on its website that the company has "successfully
applied [its] technology to locate submersed structures, ships and

MH370 went missing on March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to
Beijing. There were 239 people on board.

(13) Search team dismisses Bay of Bengal claim without any investigation
of it


MH370 wreckage not in Bay of Bengal, search team says

April 30, 2014 - 10:48AM

The Australian-led team searching for missing Malaysia Airlines jet
MH370 has discounted claims by a private company that it may have found
the plane's wreckage in the Bay of Bengal, thousands of kilometres from
the official search area.

The Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC), which is officially
co-ordinating the search for the flight that disappeared on March 8,
said it was "satisfied that the final resting place of the missing
aircraft is in the southerly portion of the search arc" in the Indian
Ocean, off the coast of Perth.

On Tuesday, Adelaide-based GeoResonance said it had used images from
satellites and aircraft to survey an area of more than two million
square kilometres where the plane with 239 people on board may have crashed.

The company said it had found elements on the ocean floor consistent
with material from a plane.

"We identified chemical elements and materials that make up a Boeing 777
... these are aluminium, titanium, copper, steel alloys and other
materials," company representative Pavel Kursa said.

Images from the same area taken on March 5, three days before the plane
disappeared, showed no indication of the aircraft, David Pope, another
company representative, said.

"Our team was very excited when we found what we believe to be the
wreckage of a commercial airliner," he said.

"We're not trying to say that it definitely is MH370, however it is a
lead we feel should be followed up."

But the JACC said in a statement that the location identified by
GeoResonance was not in the Australian search zone.

"The Australian led search is relying on information from satellite and
other data to determine the missing aircraft’s location," the statement

"The location specified by the GeoResonance report is not within the
search arc derived from this data.

"The joint international team is satisfied that the final resting place
of the missing aircraft is in the southerly portion of the search arc."

GeoResonance said it started its search on March 10 and sent an initial
report to search authorities when the missing plane's black box still
had two weeks of battery power, Channel 7 reported.

Mr Pope said the technology used by GeoResonance was designed to find
nuclear warheads and submarines. [...]

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